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The Vitality Agency has selected nonprofit organization, “One People’s Project” as the recipient of all 80 hours for this initiative. One People’s Project was founded by Daryle Lamont Jenkins with the goal of exposing racist and far right hate groups in America. You may know him from numerous television and public appearances, including appearing in the Netflix documentary, “Alt Right: Age of Rage.”

The Antifascist Unity Coalition is partnering with Mr. Jenkins and One People’s Project on the campaign, “Days of Unity,” aiding local communities in America suffering from food shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Days of Unity is currently partnered with over 70 food banks and pantries across the country, with more being added in the near future.

I have strong belief in this objective and appreciate the diversity of communities represented by the supported food banks, including many tribal organizations, religious and secular institutions alike, and communities of all colors and backgrounds. For this reason, I feel that this organization is a suitable recipient of all 80 hours of this initiative.

Furthermore, I would like to express some feelings regarding the turmoil of this chaotic year. To summarize, I would like to quote Mr. Rogers:

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

In our darkest hours, we tend to focus on the issues that divide us rather than bring us together. This is perpetuated by the media, which is driven by negative storytelling, and a culture that has become quite divisive. This culture can make us forget what it’s like to be loved or even understood. It certainly can obscure our view of the helpers in the world, and what it means to be a friend to those in need.

Volunteering a short amount of time, compared to the lifelong dedication invested by the team of One People’s Project and the Days of Unity objective, has been an incredibly illuminating experience regarding what it means to be a helper. The unity fostered amongst diverse organizations to feed communities as a whole has challenged many of my most cynical beliefs. The experience has resonated with me further than any divisive political bickering ever has.

As we enter the final quarter of 2020, many people are in a great deal of pain. Some are mourning economic devastation, others the loss of friends and/or loved ones. I myself have lost a friend and am carrying grief even as I approach my wedding date. In moments like these, I take inspiration from the heroes that have emerged during this crisis, conquering immense challenges under crushing circumstances. It’s in these helpers I find my hope, even when the world can appear at best to be bittersweet.

Let’s all be good neighbors to each other. Our communities need our help.

Paul Thomas
CEO, The Vitality Agency


Black Lives Matter & Indigenous Rights Are Human Rights Objective

2020 has been a year of crisis. Buzzwords like “new normal” have become insufferable. Thought leaders abound at the opportunity to opine on race relations, with varying levels of perceived and actual integrity. In their own way, the responses have maintained the status quo inherent of the reality they wish to subvert.

Many orchestrate their alleged support of equality and police reform into a meticulously crafted performance; walking a thin line of support for the oppressed while skirting dissension.

Others align themselves with law enforcement, already protected by powerful unions, echoing the misguided statement that all lives matter. This mantra ignores the reality Black Americans, and other minorities, face on a daily basis.

Alternatively, it is my hope to authentically support those at the forefront of this battle while recognizing the need for continuous education and dialogue. We cannot ignore an issue into obscurity and the time has come for us to advocate for change.

It has been my discovery in business and in life that our belief in something greater guides us to an elevated human experience. However, we must all have equal access to the means required to be the architects of our own destiny. That is clearly not the case for so many in the supposed land of the free.

Therefore, let me simply reiterate: Black Lives Matter. Our agency stands with you, and with all minorities who are oppressed by systems seemingly bigger than they are. By standing together as a united front, I truly believe that there is no goal which we cannot accomplish.

Giving Back

The Vitality Agency will be donating a minimum of 40 hours to a nonprofit organization dedicating to promoting equality for people of color. Out of gratitude for my beautiful daughter Aurora, who is of Native American descent, my agency will be allocating an additional 40 hours to a nonprofit tribal organization. Over the coming weeks, we will be running a campaign to determine suitable nonprofit organizations to accept this charity.

After selection and completion of these hours, our agency will update this page with the names of the organizations we have supported. This page will never be used for any marketing purposes other than what is necessary to complete this donation. There will be no obligation of any organization we help to do any paid work with us after completion. Furthermore, if we agree to take on a project, we will see it through to completion without additional invoicing even if the work exceeds 40 hours.

Please share this message with others in the interest of finding an organization that may benefit from this initiative. If you have questions about eligibility or services offered, please contact me directly via the contact form on this website or by calling: 818-923-1128.

From a place of sincere appreciation for the business we’ve performed over the years with remarkable and diverse people, let me leave you with my wholehearted expression of gratitude… for this wonderful business and this incredible gift we call life.

Paul Thomas
CEO, The Vitality Agency

Featured image sourced from Wikimedia Commons.