My name is Paul Thomas. I am CEO of The Vitality Agency, a full-service marketing agency, and lead consultant for Vitality Regenerative. While my marketing experience stretches back over a decade, in recent years my focus has been completely on regenerative medicine. In a relatively short amount of time, Vitality Regenerative has amassed a team of doctors who are industry leaders in regenerative medicine with a combined experience in the decades. A booming industry that is showing promise in treating conditions resistant to other forms of treatment, regenerative medicine has the potential to redefine what we consider conventional medicine.

While there is much to be excited about regarding the future of regenerative medicine and regenerative therapies, our existence was born out of the need for more transparency between doctors and patients. This includes educating patients correctly on regenerative therapies so that they have the right expectations when it comes to the outcome of their treatment. Furthermore, doctors are seeking more options when it comes to connecting with new patients and providing them with quality regenerative medicine products. For all these needs, Vitality Regenerative is here to serve.

Why Regenerative Medicine?

When clients ask me why I started working in regenerative medicine, my short answer is simply that, “I hate going to the doctor.” However, allow me to elaborate on that point.

Growing up, I remember visiting the doctor usually a couple times a year. None of those visits really stand out from my childhood, aside of the time I kicked a doctor in the knee for giving me a shot when I wasn’t ready. Into adulthood, I discovered that my beliefs about the efficacy of western medicine and my trust of doctors had been challenged quite a bit. From misdiagnoses to outrageous bills, I had pretty much reserved myself to only visiting the doctor if I felt like I was on my deathbed. Aside of a recent visit to the dermatologist for eczema, I haven’t seen a doctor for health concerns for at least five years.

However, this distrust of doctors is surprisingly common especially among my millennial peers. According to a new survey from Weber Shandwick and KRC Research on how age groups get their healthcare information, millennials showed the greatest disparity in trusting their doctors compared to other generations. 58% of millennials surveyed trust their physicians significantly less than other generations. 55% believe that online health information, such as what you can find on WebMD, is just as valuable as information you would get from the doctor. 38% say they trust their peers more than medical professionals. 28% say they would self-diagnose and 36% would treat themselves at home before visiting the doctor. What’s interesting about these numbers is that 52% of millennials also report being concerned with false or misleading online health information. When the health information is found via social media, that number rises to 83%.

This distrust is part of what has inspired the growth of both alternative medicine and, more specifically, regenerative medicine. Some estimates regarding the growth of complementary and regenerative medicine globally predict the market size to generate revenue of $210.81 billion by 2026; and $5.6 billion of that is predicted to be regenerative medicine by 2025.

However, the growth of this market has not been without its struggles. While more and more patients are beginning to trust regenerative medicine, there are still unscrupulous doctors tainting the industry’s image. The problem seems to be distributors operating too loosely with their choice of doctors and their standards of practice. If you look up medical malpractice involving ‘stem cell therapy’, many of the examples you’ll find don’t concern problems with the regenerative therapy product, but contamination of the product by the doctor. Since contamination has also happened during the extraction of the product by the distributor, it’s important for patients to trust both the doctor performing their regenerative therapy and the supplier they are using for their products.

There are many reasons I found myself working in regenerative medicine, but what keeps my passion strong is the opportunity to instill transparency between patients and doctors working in regenerative medicine. There is a remarkable opportunity for treating conditions in new ways with regenerative therapy if we can ensure patients have the right expectations regarding the outcome of their treatment. It is that opportunity and the many clinical case studies we will share in our blog regarding the efficacy of regenerative therapies that keep my faith strong in the future of medicine.


Vitality Regenerative primarily offers the following 3 services:

  1. Medical Consulting – Complimentary consultation & client referral for doctors in our network. We are not doctors, but we are knowledgeable in our industry and can assist you in deciding if you might be a good candidate for regenerative medicine before you spend money on an appointment with a doctor. There is no obligation to purchase services if you schedule an appointment with a consultant.
  2. Lead Generation – For doctors, we offer Pay-Per-Lead marketing services. Rates are negotiable. Doctors pay us after we pay them, meaning we are capable of offering a stronger ROI than other marketing companies in our industry. There are no upfront costs and initial consultation is complimentary.
  3. Build a Practice – Looking to add regenerative medicine to your practice, or build a regenerative therapy clinic completely from the ground up? We can help! Per hour and per project rates available. Initial consultation is complimentary. We also offer resources as a regenerative medicine distributor and can provide you with quality regenerative therapy products.

With complimentary consultation available for all our services, the decision to at least begin talking about regenerative medicine is easy. Vitality Regenerative welcomes the opportunity to for you to schedule your free consultation with us. Our team of industry leaders in marketing and medical consultation look forward to assisting you in your journey to reaching a higher quality of life.

You may reach me, Paul Thomas, at my cell: 818-923-1128


Individual conditions, treatment and recovery times may vary. Each patient’s experience with regenerative medicine is different. Some patients may require additional treatments.

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