Success Stories

“Paul Thomas is a sharp, dedicated marketing director who always brings a unique, success-driven plan to the table. Beyond providing valuable services and being a leader in his industry, Paul is a strong problem solver that comes up with alternative solutions to issues that have stumped other so-called “experts” in his field. Anytime I have a complex problem in the digital space, I trust him to provide a solution. Paul invests himself in his work and treats every job I give him like an active partner. From the development of websites to the implementation of marketing strategy, Paul is driven by an ideal of success that is not purely financially driven. He is passionate in what he does and is an expert in creating win-win situations.”

– Rob Angelino
CEO, Angelino Media



“When I relocated my 34-year-old practice to Reno, I contacted The Vitality Agency and Paul Thomas to create, launch and maintain a website for my practice. Paul was knowledgeable, easy to work with and very pleasant. I highly recommend The Vitality Agency and especially Paul & his coworkers.”

– Dr. Joseph D. Pilloud
Chiropractor, Olsen Chiropractic Center



“We have made great use of Paul’s work with The Vitality Agency for our website, some of our social media and a lot of other things. We have been EXTREMELY thrilled with his performance. When I need changes or updates to the website, the turnaround time is usually less than 24 hours. He is very pleasant to work with and is able to take my sometimes jumbled directions and give me exactly what I want. I highly recommend Paul and The Vitality Agency.”

– Dave Mencarelli
General Manager, KUEZ



“I would HIGHLY recommend Paul Thomas and the Vitality Agency to anyone trying to improve their business social media presence. I am continually impressed with Paul’s professionalism, diligence, patience and accessibility. Since Paul launched my LinkedIn campaign at the end of April [1 month], I have already doubled the number of my connections and I have secured at least one booking off of the connections he helped me make. Kudos!”

– Mark Yaffee



“Paul Thomas has been instrumental in the development of my latest project.

“Paul is a great planner. He listens to my goals and helps me drill down the core essence of what we want to communicate to our audience. He’s also a savvy collaborator. His knowledge and ability to innovate help us create a dynamic message for our project.

“Finally, he’s a grinder. He knows when it’s time to put his head down and get the job done.

“For all these reasons I highly recommend Paul Thomas and The Vitality Agency.”

– Cameron Crain
Co-Creator, Idaho Boys Television Series



“Paul Thomas is a true marketing genius. Despite spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing classes and self-proclaimed specialists that promised results, I was getting nowhere. None of that has returned solid results like Paul’s work. I felt frustrated trying to find just the right method to get peoples’ attention. With Paul in the lead, I began enrolling new clients in as little as three weeks! Paul has the formula. Paul is truly masterful – an online authority keeping his focus on well-developed ‘marketing’ as opposed to a ‘let’s connect so I can sell you something’ approach. Every time I present him with what I think is a good idea, he tweaks it to perfection.

“Paul is helping me develop solid relationships by cultivating real connections where people are getting to know, like and trust me. Now these connections are coming to me to do business as opposed to me asking for the sale.

“What he does works! I recommend him with complete confidence and am willing to speak to anyone who has questions.”

– Teresa Bruni
Health and Wellness Coach, Less Fear More Flow



“I wish to endorse the work of The Vitality Agency. Their very high quality work in the public relations and marketing field is extraordinary and their knowledge and ability to achieve positive solutions to problems with website work, social media marketing, public relations, etc. are amazing and worthy of any company’s need. Their team’s brilliant imagination achieves results and high quality solutions to any issue pertaining to work in this field.

“They have helped myself and my non-profit foundation the Cluster Headache Foundation many times with critical solutions with hands on quality results that far exceeded my expectations and believe in this team and their ability to be of great help to any company looking for elusive answers to any problem to achieve positive results.” 

– John Fletcher
Nonprofit Founder, Cluster Headache Foundation



“The Vitality Agency is my LinkedIn marketing department because of their knowledge of the different ways to use LinkedIn to grow my business.

“What sets Paul apart, in addition to his deep knowledge of LinkedIn, is his adaptability and flexibility. My business requires me to test different ideas, services, and target markets on a regular basis. Paul knows the most efficient ways to reach professionals on LinkedIn that are most likely to respond to what I have to offer, and always has new ideas to keep getting out there. His team executes quickly, is responsive, has a positive attitude, and makes things happen. I also appreciate that they have taken the time to learn about my specific business, rather than applying a generic approach.

“My colleagues are always asking me how I am so visible on LinkedIn and Paul at The Vitality Agency is the reason. If you are looking for an expert on LinkedIn who is also passionate about growing your business through this tool, Paul can be your one-stop solution.”

– Andrew Neitlich
Founder, Center for Executive Coaching



“The Vitality Agency has been doing our SEO for City Dental Centers for the past year and has made a huge difference. Their work is priceless. Our presence in organic searches has improved tremendously since they took over for our SEO campaign. I think they are one of the best in the field nationally.”

– Dr. Sam Shahoveisi
CEO, City Dental Centers



“Paul of The Vitality Agency is a great listener and very conscious of the people around him showing true leadership qualities. I have learned many things from Paul regarding the implementation and proper usage of my LinkedIn profile. His tutorial at is not only creative but unique, understandable and easy to follow. A true vanguard in his industry and an asset to his circle of influence.”

– Geoffrey Faubion
HVAC Design Specialist



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