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Success Stories

Rob Angelino, CEO

Angelino Media LLC.
Paul Thomas is a sharp, dedicated marketing director who always brings a unique, success-driven plan to the table. Beyond providing valuable services and being a leader in his industry, Paul is a strong problem solver that comes up with alternative solutions to issues that have stumped…

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Teresa Bruni, Coach

Less Fear More Flow
Paul Thomas is a true marketing genius. Despite spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing classes and self-proclaimed specialists that promised results, I was getting nowhere. None of that has returned solid results like Paul’s work. I felt…

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Marc Yaffee, Comedian
I would HIGHLY recommend Paul Thomas and the Vitality Agency to anyone trying to improve their business social media presence. I am continually impressed with Paul’s professionalism, diligence, patience and accessibility. Since Paul launched my LinkedIn campaign…

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John Fletcher, Nonprofit Founder

Cluster Headache Foundation
I wish to endorse the work of The Vitality Agency. Their very high quality work in the public relations and marketing field is extraordinary and their knowledge and ability to achieve positive solutions to problems with website work, social media marketing, public relations…

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Cameron Crain, Co-Creator

Idaho Boys Television Series
Paul Thomas has been instrumental in the development of my latest project. Paul is a great planner. He listens to my goals and helps me drill down the core essence of what we want to communicate to our audience. He’s also a savvy collaborator. His knowledge and ability…

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Andrew Neitlich, Founder

Center for Executive Coaching
The Vitality Agency is my LinkedIn marketing department because of their knowledge of the different ways to use LinkedIn to grow my business. What sets Paul apart, in addition to his deep knowledge of LinkedIn, is his adaptability and flexibility. My business requires me to test…

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Our staff has grown to better suit your needs and continue providing all of our clients a personalized approach to online marketing.

Paul Thomas, CEO

Paul Thomas is a leader in digital marketing with years of experience and owner of The Vitality Agency. Paul answers every call for the agency and oversees management of every project handled by the small, but capable team of online marketers.

Alex Chambers, Business Development Manager

Alex Chambers is an expert in growing an audience. With a strong background in business development, web design, social media marketing, and even music events promotion, Alex is a multi-talented individual driven by a desire to make a difference for his clients.

What is Vitality?

The Vitality Agency was started by me, Paul Thomas, in 2007 as a company for music events organization and promotion called Vitality Productions. Vitality Productions’ success was heavily fueled by online marketing, particularly social media marketing through Myspace (remember Tom?) and later Facebook.

Vitality Productions became BeeBizi (also operating under Reno Web Development) in 2013 when my marketing focus shifted from strictly music events to helping business owners in multiple verticals find success. BeeBizi’s offerings included web design and development, LinkedIn lead generation, Facebook likes campaigns, blog writing and video production, and SEO and PPC campaigns. Additionally, I was hired for special projects including crowdfunding for a mobile app developed for sleep apnea sufferers called Vesta, helping a television production called Idaho Boys find a director, and developing a fundraising campaign to help individuals suffering from cluster headaches.

In August 2017, I accepted a position with the Reno Gazette-Journal, part of the USA Today Network, as a Digital Account Executive. Over the next 6 months, I applied my marketing method to optimizing campaigns for clients involving digital display advertising, providing creative insights to help my clients drive stronger CTR’s (click-through-rates) while helping them to lower their CPC’s (cost-per-clicks) and CPM’s (cost-per-thousand impressions).

Ultimately, I discovered that I was better able to help my clients as a free agent and decided to reopen my company returning to the roots of the name that changed everything for me.

Vitality, to me, means life and perseverance. Throughout my marketing career, I’ve seen many campaigns that lacked life and ultimately purpose. These campaigns were started by others claiming to be experts who had their clients’ best interests at heart. Often times, my new clients were at their wits’ end. They didn’t trust anybody, including me, and I had to work hard to prove myself and fix the mistakes made by those before me. No one is perfect, but I’m proud to say I’ve had mostly successes in turning things around for my clients. My goal in working for you is to provide transparency, direction, and precision to the marketing of your business. I know it’s probably not your first rodeo, but give me 15 minutes to show you it isn’t mine either.

Trust is hard to give, but I’ll work to earn yours. Let’s build something together.

– Paul Thomas, CEO of The Vitality Agency

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